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A memoir by C.J. Morgan
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Lois Johnson - Nashville singer, songwriter, musician, producer
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 "I was blown away by how much she resembled Ms. Parton and sounded like her too! She helped immensely with our marketing effort and drew people to our table.... " - Dawn Cantrell, St. Louis, MO

"....Some tribute artists might look or even sound like the star but they fail to capture the spirit... C.J. captures that combination of beauty, sweetness and wit that Dolly embodies...." - Tam Renfro, Chicago, IL

"I was at the Wine Wonderland event at KANDU in Janesville, Wisconsin when I suddenly heard a very familiar laugh. I turned around to see a person I thought I knew but was not expecting - Dolly Parton? CJ is fun, funny, and one of the best Dolly tribute artists around! She did a great job singing with our scheduled entertainer, and seeing her in costume and hearing that laugh was certainly a surprise...."
- Jan Weir, Janesville, WI

"Dolly Parton, or rather C.J. Morgan - who looks and sounds an awful lot like country music star Dolly Parton - welcomed our group with a song. Then she sang one she had written about our organization (with help from our staff beforehand, of course). ....it was truly hilarious!! We're still singing it at work!" - Terry Hall, Indianapolis, IN

"C.J. spoke with our youth group about the importance of believing in yourself, kindness and the value of a 'coat of many colors,' which she performed as part of the presentation....the kids were visibly moved....." - Sherril Callan, Murfreesboro, TN

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