As a musician, actress and BMI-affiliated songwriter, C.J. has traveled and performed throughout the United States, appeared on television, stage and in films, served two internships at Sundance Film Festival, wrote, produced and directed a children's musical, studied improvisation for 5 years and performed with the famed 'Street Theater,' based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has played keyboards, sung back-up and lead vocals with a number of touring bands, received songwriting and other awards. She also has a Bachelor's and a Masters degree, years of experience in corporate training and is a published author. 
  Although C.J. travels extensively, she has deep roots in East Tennessee as well as the Midwest and enjoys portraying country music icon Dolly Parton. "I have a keen appreciation for her music as well as her candor, business sense and heritage," she says.
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In addition to Dolly Parton, here are a few other characters C.J. has played;
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'Joy,' the Christmas Place Angel