• Generate publicity and add excitement; Draw attention to your booth, event or display, mingle with guests and pose for photo-ops
  • Emcee your program or kick off your event by welcoming guests or participants, whether an intimate setting or greeting groups of thousands
  • Write a song for your group 
  • Present a 'mini-show,' or a Dolly-themed party, including one - or several - of Ms. Parton's signature songs as well as laugh-inducing audience participation activities, including Dolly trivia and more. (See below)
  • Offer a unique keynote address tailored to your organization’s theme or objectives, She can also team with her husband, Jack Bullard, an award-winning Jack Nicholson photo double and impersonator for an often-hilarious glimpse into the lives of professional celebrity impersonators (See below)
  • With her partners and/or her band, C.J. can present a full 90-minute show, focusing on the life and music of Dolly Parton or can work with other tribute artists to offer a 'Legends' type variety show.
  • CJ, with her extensive experience in training & development as well as show business, offers a copyrighted 'Dolly-themed' corporate workshop  customized to your organization's needs.(See below.)
*Audio is a vocal arrangement of C.J. Morgan singing 'Applejack,' written by Dolly Parton, Windows media player required

tour groups  -  trade shows  -  meet & greets -  film/video production -  corporate events  -  fund raisers  -  birthdays  -  parades  -  promotions  -  conferences  -  conventions  -  singing telegrams  -  private parties  -  clubs  -  casinos  -  cruises  - reunions  -  festivals  -  fairs  -  grand openings -  speaking engagements - emcee/hostess

    C.J. as Dolly

    Country music songbird, writer, actress, philanthropist and entrepreneur Dolly Parton is easily one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world  with numerous awards and accolades across the globe. From humble beginnings, hers is truly a rags-to-riches American success story. Talent, drive and a keen business sense have taken this legend far from her country roots, but her heart stayed true to the mountains where she was raised. 
     C.J. Morgan has always been a big fan of Dolly Parton and they were enough alike in looks, sound and personality that it was an easy stretch for her to recreate the living legend for shows and appearances. She has won almost every Dolly look-alike contest she has ever entered as well as winning accolades from peers, clients and audiences. 

     As one of the most authentic Dolly impersonator/tribute artists in the business, C.J. is the best when it comes to improvisational, one-on-one situations such as meet-and-greets and group interaction. Her appearance, mannerisms and  banter are realistic to the point of needing security at some events. She even has the trademark 'Dolly' giggle. Her live renditions of Dolly's songs are as heartfelt as the original and she projects the same down-to-earth sense of playful joy and candor evident in interviews with Ms. Parton. C.J. is constantly photographed, asked for autographs and sought out by tourists, fans, organizations and production companies. 
     With her delightful sense of humor, attention to detail, talent and an extensive background in improvisational theater, C.J. can add fun and excitement to any event.   
copyright 2020
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Award-winning look-alike, impersonator, tribute artist
"....Funny,charming and hillbilly to the bone, C.J. Morgan is the closest thing I've seen to the real deal, the current Dolly, and I'm a Dolly Parton superfan! Great for close-ups, meet & greets and intimate events.....and SO MUCH LIKE HER!"
  - P. Lee, New York City, NY
"I was completely satisfied when I hired CJ Morgan to be my Dolly Parton for a private event in Nashville! Everyone loved her and I believe there were some who thought she was the real Dolly Parton! She embodies the essence of Dolly and looks more like the real Dolly than any other impersonator! I wouldn’t hesitate to book her for any event!!!"
Chuck Baril , Nashville, TN

"If you want a realistic 'Dolly,' this is  easily the one to get."
C.J. and her husband Jack, a Jack Nicholson photo double and impersonator, (see www.jacknicholsonimpersonator.com)  literally wrote the book on this specialized subset of show business. 'Daily Doubles 2 - Celebrity Impersonators' is a full-color, hard-bound, award-winning coffee-table type book available through Amazon or Top Ten Productions at 615-289-4815. See http://www.dailydoublescelebrityimpersonators.com/The-Book.html .
    Together, they offer a presentation called 'Double Trouble - The Life of a Celebrity Impersonator,' ('From Dollywood to Hollywood'). Suitable for all age groups, they share some of their unique experiences as celebrity impersonators. Part performance, part motivational and always entertaining, they  answer questions, delight crowds with their stories and offer a positive message about the value of finding - and being - yourself. This presentation can be tailored for your organization. See http://www.dailydoublescelebrityimpersonators.com/
As a facilitator, C.J.  utilizes her wide-ranging corporate training experience as well as her entertainment  background and her experience as a business owner to offer lively,  fun-filled workshops or welcome events with a 'Dolly' theme. You might find yourself in the middle of an ice-breaker dealing with 'Dolly-isms' - past quotes from the lady herself  - or a 'Dolly press conference!' These experiences are tailored to the needs of your organization, the number of participants and the time frame.
Speakers and Authors
Training & Development
What others are saying....
"...I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show last night. It was great! I've had the pleasure of seeing Dolly in concert many times and I was blown away with your show. You sound so much like her....."
  - Allen Chastain, Walland, TN
May 2022
"What a fun, interesting and enjoyable experience - Our  'Dolly' workshop was worth every penny and then some... - C. Roberts, RandMeier LLC
"C.J. & Jack are two of the most entertaining, interesting, likeable speakers we've ever had. And they related their experiences to the theme of our event. Virtually ALL attendees gave them top ratings." - Terry B., Lenoir City, TN
"We were planning a corporate event in Nashville, TN and who better to host us than Dolly Parton.... We couldn't afford the real thing so we got CJ instead, but many of our attendees couldn't tell the difference. She welcomed us to Nashville with open arms, some jokes and later, a meet & greet. ....She made this a fun, enjoyable business getaway! 
- R. Tatum, Atlanta, GA

 ".... As she works the crowd at a charity event, pictures, handshakes and autographs are the order of the day. Although she makes it clear to fans that she is not the REAL Dolly, they don't care. She still generates the excitement and energy of the genuine article...." 
- K. Jackson, Herald Review
Mixing glamour and live vocals* with down-home humor and often sage advice, as 'Miss Dolly,' C.J. can;
October 2023 
November, 2023
November, 2023
September, 2023
August 2023
Sept. 2023
 "I was amazed by how much she resembled Ms. Parton and sounded like her too! She helped immensely with our marketing effort, attracting attention and drawing people to our area.... " - Dawn Cantrell, St. Louis, MO
 “This was one of the best shows DIME-3 Community has ever had. I really enjoyed it and so did all of the audience!” - Marion Ainsworth - Manager, Desert Inn Estates, Las Vegas, NV
Schedule a 'Dolly Party!'
Great for fund-raisers, get-togethers and non-theatrical settings, C.J. can help steer you in the direction of  "Dolly-themed' cookies and cakes, favors and prizes. She offers trivia, fun activities, leads karaoke and has judged  Dolly look-alike contests. Traveling often, if she is anywhere near your area, this might be a cost-effective way to celebrate a birthday, publicize an upcoming event, or offer a fun evening in a club!
"C.J. brought it all to our annual fund-raiser! Working with our event coordinator, it was a smashing success because of her!" - R. Mallory, Indianapolis, IN