Mixing glamour and live vocals* with down-home humor and often sage advice, as 'Miss Dolly,' C.J. can;

  • Generate publicity and add excitement
  • Draw attention to your booth,event or display and pose for photo-ops
  • Write a song for your group or mingle with guests
  • Present a 'mini-show,' including one - or several - of Ms. Parton's signature songs   
  • Offer a unique keynote address tailored to your organization’s theme or objectives 
  • Emcee your program or kick off your event by welcoming guests or participants, whether an intimate setting or 
         greeting groups of thousands
  • With her two partners, C.J. can present a full 90-minute show, focusing on the life and music of Dolly Parton or can work with other tribute artists to offer a 'Legends' type variety show.

* Music background tracks are pre-recorded.
*Audio is a vocal arrangement of C.J. Morgan singing 'Applejack,' written by Dolly Parton, Windows media player required
-Has dimples.

-Played drums in school band.

-Just over 5 feet tall -  without heels and hair.

-CJ’s Grandfather was a farmer in East Tennessee.

-Doesn’t ride the rides at Dollywood. Or anywhere else.

-Won regional Kentucky Fried Chicken songwriting award in the 1980’s.

-Helped get a cousin into rehab once and babysits occasionally.

-Took 6 years to get through a two-year Masters program at the University of Tennessee

-Changes her underwear daily.

-Likes Road Runner and Spongebob Squarepants.

Comparison chart; Dolly vs. C.J.

tour groups  -  trade shows  -  meet & greets -  film/video production -  corporate events  -  fund raisers  -  birthdays  -  parades  -  promotions  -  conferences  -  conventions  -  singing telegrams  -  private parties  -  clubs  -  casinos  -  cruises  - reunions  -  festivals  -  fairs  -  grand openings -  speaking engagements - emcee/hostess

    Country music songbird, writer, actress, philanthropist and entrepreneur Dolly Parton is easily one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world  with numerous awards and accolades across the globe. From humble beginnings, hers is truly a rags-to-riches American success story. Talent, drive and a keen business sense have taken this legend far from her country roots, but her heart stayed true to the mountains where she was raised. 
     C.J. Morgan has always been a big fan of Dolly Parton and they were enough alike in looks, sound and personality that it was an easy stretch for her to recreate the living legend for shows and appearances. She has won almost every Dolly look-alike contest she has ever entered and even has the trademark laugh. Her live renditions of Dolly's songs are as heartfelt as the original and she projects the same down-to-earth sense of playful joy, candor and spontaneity evident in interviews with Ms. Parton. 

     From Dolly's home state of Tennessee, as one of the most authentic Dolly impersonator/tribute artists in the business, C.J. is one of the best   when it comes to improvisational, one-on-one situations such as meet-and-greets and small group interaction. Her appearance, mannerisms and  banter are very realistic.She is constantly photographed, asked for autographs and sought out by tourists, fans, organizations and production companies. 
     With her delightful sense of humor, (like Dolly), attention to detail, musical talent and an extensive background in improvisational theater, C.J. can add fun and excitement to any event.   
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Award-winning look-alike, impersonator, tribute artist
-Has dimples.

-Played drums in school band.

-Just over 5 feet tall -  without heels and hair. 

-Dolly's father was a farmer in East Tennessee.

-Doesn’t ride the rides at Dollywood. Or anywhere else.

-Has earned 5 BMI Million-Air (or more) Performance Awards and numerous BMI Songwriter Citations of Achievement. She was also honored with the prestigious BMI Icon Award in 2003.In 1986 she was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and more.

-Has created jobs, programs and opportunities for her family, the people of her home state and through her Imagination Library for children, across the world.

-Rec’d an honorary Doctorate from the University of Tennessee in 2009, where she was the commencement speaker.

-Wears a spectacular array of glittery garments often designed just for her petite frame and says she's "never left a rhinestone unturned!"

-Has said she thinks of herself as a cartoon character.
"....Funny,charming and hillbilly to the bone, C.J. Morgan is the closest thing I've seen to the real deal, the current Dolly, and I'm a Dolly Parton superfan! Great for close-ups, meet & greets and intimate events.....and SO MUCH LIKE HER!"
  - P. Lee, New York City, NY
                            ​​C.J. Morgan Wins Award in Las Vegas

   Feb. 23, 2017 - C.J. Morgan was presented a REEL Award for her portrayal of country music icon Dolly Parton. The prestigious award is voted on by peers and given in conjunction with the Celebrity Impersonator Convention (CIC) held each year in Las Vegas. 

  In our celebrity-obsessed culture, professional impersonators, tribute artists and lookalikes - often acting as decoys for the real thing – have become a highly specialized subset of show business. Although photo and body doubles have long been a staple in films, today’s tribute artists and bands have a unique niche in the industry as the top tier of bona-fide stars become more elusive and scarce. Impersonators are available for shows, meet & greets, emcee duties, commercials, print work and more. It is the often the impersonator or tribute artist who works hardest to share and keep the music and memories alive, sometimes long after the original is gone or retired.

  C.J., a BMI-affiliated songwriter, started her musical career playing keyboards in a band with her brother and currently lives in Pigeon Forge, TN. Her father is originally from East Tennessee and she says she drew inspiration from his background and family which was similar to Ms. Parton’s. In fact, she grew up with much of the same old country gospel that the Parton family sang in churches.

  Ms. Morgan impersonates more characters but finds that Dolly is the easiest for her. Others, such as Barbara Eden and Joan Rivers are not as much in demand. “Dolly is an international superstar, well-known and loved throughout the world for her music, movies and humanitarian efforts. " Indeed, when recent wildfires devastated parts of Gatlinburg, Tennessee and surrounding areas, Ms. Parton stepped up to the plate directing part of her non-profit Dollywood Foundation toward helping those who lost their homes.

    These days, C.J. prefers to do charity functions, children's events and hospital visits, sharing Dolly Parton's cheery optimism with those who most need it. 
  "I'm proud to portray someone like Dolly," C.J. adds. "I think we have the same sense of humor and at least some of the same values." Her husband, Jack Bullard, who works internationally as a double for film star Jack Nicholson (See www.jacknicholsonimpersonator.com) says "they both share a spontaneous, bubbly, down-to-earth personality as well as physical features." He adds that she has "turned a lot of people on to Dolly's music, including me!"

  C.J. and Jack have put together a motivational speaking presentation that they now offer throughout the country about what it's like to be a celebrity impersonator. (See www.jacklovesdolly.com) 

For more information call 615-289-4815.



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 C.J. Morgan Honored by Industry
From Sevierville, TN, Dolly Parton's hometown
Husband and Wife Team Win Unusual Trophies in Orlando

   September 3, 2018 - C.J. Morgan was presented with the female 'Mirror Image' Award at the 16th Annual Sunburst Convention for Celebrity Impersonators. The convention is open to professional entertainers who perform as well-known celebrities, real or fictional. Athletes, politicians, film stars and musical legends, past and present are represented, from the pirate Jack Sparrow to golf pro Tiger Woods to Lady Gaga.  
   Morgan is a Dolly Parton Tribute artist from Sevierville, TN and has been playing the country superstar since 2010. She sings, plays instruments and often uses a multi-media format for her show. She also does singing telegrams, meet & greets, photo ops and more as Ms. Parton.

   Her husband, Jack Bullard, was awarded the male 'Mirror Image' Award. Known in the business as a 'dead-ringer,' he portrays film icon Jack Nicholson and is the 'official Jack' for the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, which inspired Stephen King to write 'The Shining.' The 'Mirror Image' Award is an honor voted on by peers attending the convention and goes to the performers who most resemble the stars they portray.
   Married for 5 years, the couple met at the convention in 2011 but didn't really start getting to know each other until they found themselves in Las Vegas at the same time two years later, visiting mutual friends.

   Morgan and Bullard are also popular on the speaking circuit, offering a motivational presentation about what it's really like to be a celebrity impersonator and offering the sage advice to 'Be Yourself.'
   "Sounds kind of funny, coming from a couple people who make their living being someone else!" quips Bullard. 
   Morgan says they are asked many questions about their unusual career choices. "In this presentation, we answer the questions that we get most often...It's part performance and part keynote address and we have a lot of fun with it..." 

    For more information, call Top Ten Productions at 615-289-4815

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   August 20, 2018 – C.J. Morgan and Jack Bullard work as celebrity impersonators and motivational speakers. They have now written a book that includes almost 40 of their friends in the business, from ‘Cher’ to ‘Johnny Cash,’ as well as short stories and interviews. “DAILY DOUBLES – Celebrity Impersonators” is the first of a planned series of full-color coffee-table type books showcasing this unusual show business niche.
   “We wanted to show the human side of this curious and fascinating business,” says Morgan. “Each performer has a different story, from how they got into the business in the first place to some of their most rewarding and memorable moments.”
    “We got the idea to write this because we often get questions about what it’s like to do this for a living –sometimes very personal questions – and we answer those in our speaking presentation. We thought it would be fun to hear how other performers would answer them,” says Bullard.
    Bullard and Morgan are both award-winning entertainers who bear striking resemblances to country songbird Dolly Parton and movie legend Jack Nicholson, whom they portray.
    The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major book retailers. Signed copies are available from Top Ten Productions at 615-289-4815. 

C.J. was featured in Air BnB Magazine, Fall, 2019;