Mixing glamour and live vocals* with down-home humor and often sage advice, as 'Miss Dolly,' C.J. can;

  • Surprise or introduce a special guest
  • Generate publicity and add excitement
  • Draw attention to your booth or display and pose for photo-ops
  • Write a song for your group or mingle with guests
  • Present a 'mini-show,' including one - or several - of Ms. Parton's signature songs   
  • Offer a unique keynote address tailored to your organization’s theme or objectives 
  • Emcee your program or kick off your event by welcoming guests or participants, whether an intimate setting or 
         greeting groups of thousands
  • With her two partners, C.J. can present a full 90-minute show, focusing on the life and music of Dolly Parton or can work with other tribute artists to offer a 'Legends' type variety show.

* Music background tracks are pre-recorded.
*Audio is a vocal arrangement of C.J. Morgan singing 'Applejack,' written by Dolly Parton, Windows media player required
-Has dimples.

-Played drums in school band.

-Just over 5 feet tall -  without heels and hair.

-CJ’s Grandfather was a farmer in East Tennessee.

-Doesn’t ride the rides at Dollywood. Or anywhere else.

-Won regional Kentucky Fried Chicken songwriting award in the 1980’s.

-Helped get a cousin into rehab once and babysits occasionally.

-Took 6 years to get through a two-year Masters program at the University of Tennessee

-Changes her underwear daily.

-Likes Road Runner and Spongebob Squarepants.

Comparison chart; Dolly vs. C.J.

tour groups  -  trade shows  -  meet & greets -  film/video production -  corporate events  -  fund raisers  -  birthdays  -  parades  -  promotions  -  conferences  -  conventions  -  singing telegrams  -  private parties  -  clubs  -  casinos  -  cruises  - reunions  -  festivals  -  fairs  -  grand openings -  speaking engagements - emcee/hostess

    Country music songbird, writer, actress, philanthropist and entrepreneur Dolly Parton is easily one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world today, with numerous awards and accolades across the globe. From humble beginnings, hers is truly a rags-to-riches American success story. Talent, drive and a keen business sense have taken this legend far from her country roots, but her heart stayed true to the mountains where she was raised. 
     C.J. Morgan has always been a big fan of Dolly Parton and they were enough alike in looks, sound and personality that it was an easy stretch for her to recreate the living legend for shows and appearances. She has won almost every Dolly look-alike contest she has ever entered and even has the trademark laugh. Her live renditions of Dolly's songs are as heartfelt as the original and she projects the same down-to-earth sense of playful joy and spontaneity evident in interviews with Ms. Parton. 

     From Ms. Parton's home state of Tennessee, as one of the most authentic Dolly impersonator/tribute artists in the business, C.J. is one of the best celebrity impersonators in the country when it comes to improvisational, one-on-one situations such as meet-and-greets and small group interaction. She is constantly photographed, asked for autographs and sought out by tourists, fans, organizations and production companies. 
     With her delightful sense of humor, (like Dolly), attention to detail, musical talent and an extensive background in improvisational theater, C.J. can add fun and excitement to any event.   
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Award-winning look-alike, impersonator, tribute artist
-Has dimples.

-Played drums in school band.

-Just over 5 feet tall -  without heels and hair. 

-Dolly's father was a farmer in East Tennessee.

-Doesn’t ride the rides at Dollywood. Or anywhere else.

-Has earned 5 BMI Million-Air (or more) Performance Awards and numerous BMI Songwriter Citations of Achievement. She was also honored with the prestigious BMI Icon Award in 2003.In 1986 she was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and more.

-Has created jobs, programs and opportunities for her family, the people of her home state and through her Imagination Library for children, across the world.

-Rec’d an honorary Doctorate from the University of Tennessee in 2009, where she was the commencement speaker.

-Doesn't often wear the same outfit in public twice. (Especially for big events like concerts!)

-Has said she thinks of herself as a cartoon character.
"....Funny,charming and hillbilly to the bone, C.J. Morgan is the closest thing I've seen to the real deal, the current Dolly, and I'm a Dolly Parton superfan! Great for close-ups, meet & greets and intimate events.....and SO MUCH LIKE HER!"
  - P. Lee, New York City, NY
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